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In the end, we learn that Rose killed the young foster girl Jess in the first episode, to try to “protect” her father, who was sterilizing the young girls at the home, claiming it was the “Lord’s Work.” “I’m excited to see how the audience reacts to it. The dynamic with Emma is so unusual to what she’s experienced thus far in life in the small town, and their relationship is so unique,” Chiara explained. “There’s so many different possibilities. “I think it’s something that she really wants to explore further and she feels like Emma might be a person that won’t judge her for who she really is, and she might be able to flesh out all her inner demons and really open up.” In episode 9, it’s clear Rose’s infatuation with Emma is deeper, as she attempts to kiss her and admits she’s in love with her. I’d be interested to see what she has in mind.”
Tell Me Your Secrets is now available to binge-watch on Amazon Prime Video! This is before calling her “cursed,” when Emma revealed the truth about what Rose’s dad, Bodie, has been up to with the young girls at the St. This interview contains spoilers from Tell Me Your Secrets. I’m really interested to see what would happen in terms of everyone’s character arcs and I know that Harriet [Warner] is quite spontaneous. Jerome’s Foster Home. As she’s unknowingly hunted down by a desperate mother in search of her child, Emma explores the mysterious and troubled town of St. In Tell Me Your Secrets, Chiara’s Rose has a tough edge, brought on by emotional abuse endured at home from her demanding parents. James, Louisiana that is filled with secrets of its own. Get ready to be taken on a rollercoaster of emotions with Amazon Prime Video’s new thrilling series ‘Tell Me Your Secrets.’ Chiara Aurelia, who plays Rose Lord, spoke to HL about her character’s journey. “It’s just a whole different world than the rest of us, for sure. Amazon Prime Video’s new original series, Tell Me Your Secrets, explores the life of Emma Hall (Lily Rabe), who was recently incarcerated and put in witness protection after falling in love with a murderous man. Hopefully, there might be a further story for them to explore,” Chiara teased a possible season 2. I think it’s this small town dynamic that you get with one secret one story, one secret spins and twists and spreads, and it can consume everyone in this darkness,” said Chiara Aurelia, who plays Rose Lord in the series, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with She forms a surprising bond with Emma, who feels the need to protect and care for young women throughout the series (we soon find out why.) “Rose is just grasping at anything. Everyone has their secrets.

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