The host was all smiles in the snap, which showed her covered up to her ears in bubbles. She compared the large tub to a swimming pool, and we don’t disagree! She treated her millions of followers to this sultry tub photo in April 2019. “It’s been a really long day, but still making time for #SelfCareSunday with my bubble bath,” the Bruised actress preached in her caption. “I’m calling it ‘a bathtub series not by Ricky Gervais but by me,’” she captioned a closeup tub selfie in 2015. See these celebs and more who’ve documented bath time on social media! When it comes to self-care, are bubble baths on your checklist? The unofficial-official bathtub selfie is a thing among celebrities. It’s a time to decompress, reflect, rest — and, if you’re Miley Cyrus or Halle Berry, it’s also a time to snap sultry selfies. Miley is the latest celeb to give fans a glimpse inside her tub — but, there’s plenty more stars who’ve done the same through the years. Chantel Jeffries

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Chantel Jeffries didn’t disappoint with this sexy snap from her floral bubble bath in August 2017. The DJ strategically cut off the photo just before her behind would’ve been exposed, and wrote in the caption, “Your new screensaver”. Like the aforementioned nude snap, Miley also covered her breasts with her hands in the photo. Fans of the Disney alum will know that she’s not shy about flaunting her amazing figure — whether it’s on stage, the red carpet, or on social media (duh!). We stan a self-care lover! Halle Berry

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Halle Berry is just the gift that keeps on giving. Leona Lewis 

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Leona Lewis was living her best life when she took this bubble bath in January 2016. Why, you ask? — Some R&R in the tub is certainly a priority for stars like Miley Cyrus and Halle Berry! “This one is called ‘fake sleeping in a tub without a cat,’” she continued, adding the hashtag,  “#gotoffworktooearlytoday”. Kelly Osbourne

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Kelly Osbourne took the “#BiggestBath I have ever been in,” in a photo she shared to Instagram in 2014. “Money Mayweather” certainly flaunted his net worth in the clip, which showed him eating fruit while bathing. The singer had a good time while tossing the soap suds in the air during her bath time. She simply captioned her photo with “bubblezzzzzzzzzz,” and that’s probably what we would’ve wrote too. The legendary boxer shared this clip to his Instagram in 2014, and showed off his stunning marble and gold bathroom. Hollywood’s hottest stars have used flowers and other accessories to spice up their self-care candids, and we’ve rounded up the best ones below:

Miley Cyrus

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On February 20, Miley shared this sultry snap as part of her nude bathtub collection. January Jones  

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January Jones took a page out of comedian, Ricky Gervais‘ book when she was admittedly “inspired” by his bathtub series — a now viral snap that included talk show host, Conan O’Brien. She posed with her back facing the camera and showed off her long brunette braid that featured a number of pink flowers. Floyd Mayweather

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Leave it to Floyd Mayweather to take bath time to a lavish and expensive level. For these stars and many more, bath time is a private escape from their hectic schedules and a way to feel sexy and free. The singer treated her already amazing skin to a cream face mask while she relaxed in the tub. There’s nothing like the relaxation of a warm bubble bath. And, let us note that no bubble bath selfie is the same.

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